Want to know what our teachers, teaching support staff and schools are saying about us? 

I have been working for The Staff Room for several months now. I am delighted with the service they provide from the initial interview to the care they take of their staff, whilst finding posts for them as well as keeping in contact throughout. They have this natural ability to match a teacher to a school, thus guaranteeing a more of a long term working opportunity. I feel very fortunate to be on their books and am always offered plenty of work and support, as I feel an important part of the service they provide. I look forward to many more years and opportunities in their more than capable hands. Thank you for all you do!


Teacher (May 2024)

My first impressions of The Staff Room team were that they were friendly, understanding and extremely professional. Having worked with them for the last few months, I am happy to share that this is exactly the case. I have rarely been short of work and have never felt pressured to accept work that I didn’t feel was right for me. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is considering going into supply work.


Teacher (March 2024)

I started working for The Staff Room at the beginning of 2024. One of my former work colleagues highly recommended The Staff Room and suggested I should contact them. I approached The Staff Room towards the end of 2023, as I was at the end of a long term contract and by the end of 2023, I had secured a role as a HLTA in a primary school for the beginning of 2024. I am a qualified teacher, but no longer wanted the full role of a teacher (planning etc.), so the HLTA role, was just perfect. I have thoroughly enjoyed the HLTA role since, with the balance of supporting and covering teachers, when required.

The Staff Room are a very kind, professional and caring team. They are very supportive with any queries or questions you may have. What I especially like, is that when you call them for help or to clarify something, they are never in a hurry to get you off the phone. You always come first, you are not just a number but a person who is valued. That for me, is of paramount importance.

I would highly recommend The Staff Room, they provide an excellent service and are wonderful team.


HLTA (Feb 2024)

The Staffroom is a great supply agency to work for because:

•They have plenty of work available for you. 

•They are flexible for what suits you and take notice of any concerns that you may have. 

• The pay is good and it is really useful to have some term-time pay kept and given as holiday pay. 

• The team are always friendly and calm; so you don’t feel under pressure.

• It’s lovely to teach different children without the stresses of planning.


Teacher (Feb 2024)

I have worked for The Staff Room for nearly 5 years. It was whilst on supply I heard of the agency and lots of schools and teachers on supply highly recommended them to me.

They are an excellent supply agency specialising in primary supply teaching. A very dedicated team, they provide a great service to their schools as well as being very supportive of their supply teachers. They are really friendly, professional, efficient and they listen. I have always been able to discuss any issue that has cropped up whilst on supply with any of the team. 

I have never been pressured into doing roles that I have not wanted to do. The team at The Staff Room fully understand that most teachers in primary education usually have a particular age group they prefer. 

Having taught for over 35 years I would highly recommend The Staff Room.


Teacher (Feb 2024)

The Staff Room was recommended to me by the supply teachers that were used at my previous school. They spoke of the friendly people, who really cared and knew who you were as a person. When I joined I found this to be true: all members of staff were friendly, welcoming and made me feel at ease immediately. They took the time to listen to my wants and needs, which were always put at the forefront. Any queries or concerns were dealt with quickly, efficiently and professionally. Whenever I rang the office, they remembered who I was, asked about my family and if I was enjoying the jobs I had taken. They really take the personal approach. I am now in a full time position but if I was ever to return to supply, The Staff Room would be my first choice.


Teacher (Jan 2024)

An extremely friendly and professional agency that I felt proud to represent during the eight or so years that I spent working as a supply teacher. Although mainly ad-hoc bookings, I was rarely short of work, and never felt pressurised to accept. For long or short term work, in teaching or supporting roles, I highly recommend The Staff Room.


Teacher (Dec 2023)

The Staff Room was recommended to me by other supply teachers I met around the county while working for other agencies.  So when I was looking to up my number of days, The Staff Room were the ones I came to first.  From my initial enquiry, through to starting work with them, everyone I met was friendly and supportive and I was quickly found work.  They have listened to my preferences and there has been zero pressure to accept work that didn’t quite fit my requirements.  Most importantly, I have been kept busy, which was what I wanted!


Teacher (Nov 2023)

After working as a senior leader in primary education for many years, I decided to leap into the unknown and try supply teaching. The Staff Room came highly recommended. All staff have been friendly from the start and have made the whole process of registering and receiving work incredibly easy. I have been offered a range of work across different year groups, from short-term to longer assignments. I have found supply with The Staff Room great for broadening my teaching experience alongside establishing a better work-life balance. 


Teacher (Nov 2023)

Having completed my PGCE teacher training, I looked into supply work to give me further exposure to different primary school settings before considering a permanent role.

The Staff Room came highly recommended and as specialists in primary school settings, I took the opportunity to register with them and have not looked back since.

From the initial meeting, right through to the first assignment, they have been a supportive team, who strive to find the right school to place you in, taking into consideration your needs and wants as an individual. I would recommend them to anyone who is considering going into supply teaching.


ECT (Oct 2023)

The Staff Room was highly recommended to me and they did not disappoint.  The Staff Room have made the whole process of supply teaching smooth and stress free.  Everyone that I have spoken to has been professional, friendly and approachable.  They have been supportive every step of the way and have explained expectations of the process and booking clearly.  I started my role with confidence knowing that I was supported.  I am thoroughly enjoying my role and am very happy with the excellent service that The Staff Room Agency has provided.


Teacher (Oct 2023)

After teaching for 20 years in a variety of schools in Northants, I finally took the leap to try supply teaching this September.  I was anxious about taking such a step, but The Staff Room made the whole experience simple, positive and pain-free!  They have been so supportive and professional – guiding me in my new role as a supply teacher.

The team have always been able to answer my questions and have listened to my preferences and feedback.  I would definitely recommend working for The Staff Room.


Teacher (Oct 2023)

Having moved from London to Northamptonshire, I first worked with The Staff Room as a SEN TA, supporting pupils mostly 1-1 within a range of differing schools across the county. Once qualified as a teacher, my positive experiences with The Staff Room previously, ensured they were my first choice for short term supply.

Their highly supportive and professional team support you through each step of the process of application and I quickly got repeat bookings and regular work. Having worked for large agencies in London, I found the friendly and personal approach of The Staff Room to be a welcome change. 


ECT (Sept 2023)

The Staff Room were recommended by my last Headteacher and I can certainly see why. The level of professionalism is fantastic and every detail is gone through thoroughly and you are made to feel welcome as part of a team.

Having never done supply work before I was uncertain of what would happen but the process was explained clearly and jobs started coming in regularly,  with clear expectations of the role. I was also pleased to get repeat bookings in several schools which made it really easy to know routines and children.

Supply is fantastic experience to discover your teaching style and preferences and I can recommend The Staff Room team highly for a smooth experience.


ECT (June 2023)

The Staff Room made my application process seamless and as fast as possible. They have given me zero pressure to take assignments – they really are there to work for and support the teacher.


Teacher (June 2023)

I’ve had a positive experience since joining ‘The Staff Room’ at the start of the year. The registration process was straightforward including the informal interview and processing of documents. 

I have really enjoyed the variety of schools and year groups I have been assigned. The flexibility of supply work is really helpful due to having school age children.

All the staff are really friendly and listen to your preferences and ask for regular feedback. 

A highly professional, efficient agency!


Teacher (May 2023)

The whole registration process from start to finish was very easy. I had an informal interview and chat with Stephen and as soon as I was ready they started getting work for me.

I’ve worked in lots of different schools, all lovely. The Staff Room got me regular bookings at my favourite schools too. Receiving bookings and payments for work was always easy and efficient. I would recommend The Staff Room wholeheartedly. 


Teacher (May 2023)

I want to say how much I have appreciated you all and what a pleasure it has been to work with you.

When I left full-time teaching it was such a confusing time for me.  I had been bullied and lost all of my confidence and belief in my abilities and was in a really fragile state.

You were all so kind and supportive and helped me gain my trust back in people and helped me to get back to work after a very dark time for me.

Many of the teachers you support have also been in a similar situation to myself and you don’t realise how much your gentle and thoughtful work practices help people to get their mojo back again.

Thank you so much, you are all amazing!


Teacher (February 2023)

Since starting at The Staff Room everything has been so easy and straightforward from registering to being assigned work. I have always felt really supported by the staff who take time to ring and check how everything is going, as well as support my own professional development, preferences and personal circumstances. I haven’t had a day without work, which I am so pleased with. I’m so happy I chose to work with this supply agency. 


Teacher (Dec 2022)

I really liked the level of professionalism at The Staff Room.  They always kept me informed and gave me work on the days that I wanted. I didn’t ever feel pressured to take work if I couldn’t. The staff were really friendly and supportive.  It was a transition period for me but I wouldn’t hesitate working for them again in the future. 


Teacher (Nov 2022)

I really enjoy working at a local village primary school. The staff and children are lovely. I get on well with my colleagues. They are very helpful and supportive. It’s a nice environment to work in. 


HLTA (Nov 2022)

I joined The Staff Room during the summer and have had a really positive experience! The registration process was straightforward, and all of the staff have been very helpful and supportive. Communication is excellent and staff always respond quickly to any queries. I have had regular part-time work since September and appreciate having the flexibility to do extra work if I want to. I have really enjoyed visiting different schools and building relationships with schools that I attend on a regular basis. I would definitely recommend The Staff Room to anyone considering supply work! 


Teacher (Nov 2022)

I chose to work for The Staff Room as I had always found them reliable when we needed supply teachers in my previous role as a senior leader. The registration process was really straightforward and the team are professional and friendly. I only work part time so that I can have the freedom to spend time with my grandsons so the flexibility is brilliant for me. I never feel under pressure to do more days than I want and have found the whole experience very positive. 


Teacher (Aug 2022)

The Staff Room has been so helpful in my first year of teaching. All the staff are so kind and supportive and have been a great help in finding longer term jobs that have helped towards my early career training. They are very accommodating towards your circumstances and situation so I would definitely recommend them.


Early Career Teacher (July 2022)

I’d worked for a large financial Institution for 21 years and wanted a career change with a role that worked around my family. Whilst taking some time out, I volunteered in schools to gain valuable experience.  I was pointed to The Staff Room by a colleague.  From first contact they were honest and professional.  We discussed my qualifications, experience and what I was looking for.  I was quite specific as I wanted flexibility so I could prioritise family commitments.  I was soon offered supply positions at local schools.  I don’t feel any pressure to commit to more than I’m comfortable with, either hours or position.  All communications are friendly and timely.  I look forward to continuing my career with The Staff Room


TA (June 2022)

I chose to work for The Staff Room after hearing from other colleagues how professional, efficient and friendly the staff were – and they were not wrong!  When I signed up, each step was explained to me and the information given was exactly what happened each day I worked.  The information provided about each school was useful and accurate, the schools I worked with were ready to receive me, the paperwork from The Staff Room was clear and easy to understand and the payments were all made at the agreed time.  A great professional company to work for.


Teacher (April 2022)

The Staff Room has been great from the start.  They were informative, friendly and helpful.  I was quickly found an ideal placement.  The team are always on hand to answer questions, I would happily recommend them.


Teacher (April 2022)

When I left my full-time teaching position, my confidence was really low and I wasn’t sure if teaching was for me anymore.  The Staff Room were friendly, encouraging and nurturing as I came to them uncertain about my future.  At The Staff Room they listen carefully to you and match you well with your preferred key stage.  They are always available for a chat and there is never any pressure to do anything you are not comfortable with.  I’m slowly getting my love for teaching back and my confidence is growing with each job.


Teacher (March 2022)

I am extremely thankful to the amazing team at The Staff Room for the support I have been given over my first two years of supply teaching. The registration process was effortless and the personal experience you get from the team makes you feel valued.  They are friendly, approachable and professional and also offer fantastic CPD.  I would definitely recommend joining this team!


Teacher (March 2022)

They helped me gain amazing and important experience that in turn helped shape me as a teacher and progress my career. The whole team at the Staff Room are brilliant, they can’t do enough to help support you in both your job search and finding the right positions for your needs.  I wouldn’t have managed to get the job I am in now without their help and support.  I was worried, having just qualified and found it hard finding a full-time position and I was worried about going into supply, worrying about not having enough work or it not being in a school I felt comfortable in.  However, they always had work for me long-term and would let me do research and talk with the school before I decided I would like to work there.  If you are a newly qualified teacher and looking at doing supply work as an option, as someone who has worked with The Staff Room, I would definitely recommend joining such a wonderful team.


Early Career Teacher (Feb 2022)

Just wanted to say thank for supporting me through my first term as a supply teacher.  I have really enjoyed working with you all and am looking forward to what next year has to bring.


Teacher (Dec 2021)

I would like to officially declare that The Staff Room is the best supply teaching agency to work for in the world!  My initial registration was made effortless as I received a warm and friendly welcome to the agency.  All staff are extremely approachable and just happy to help.  

After initially working day to day covering local schools in the area, I went on to receive termly contracts.  The brilliant Stephen then offered me a long-term contract for this full academic year.  I am now working in the best school (outside of my initial stated radius) and working with a fantastic team.

Continuous online training from The Staff Room has enabled me to feel fully prepared for my current role.  Moving forward, I am now looking for a permanent teaching post.

The Staff Room will never know how truly grateful I am.  I will be forever in their debt as I am now back doing the best job in the world teaching the most amazing children every day.  Thank you.


Teacher (Dec 2021)

A first rate supply agency.  They genuinely care about you as a professional and are proactive in finding work on your behalf.  I would definitely recommend them.


Teacher (Nov 2021)

Having recently retired, I decided to return to supply teaching and The Staff Room as my chosen agency.  The registration process was very straight forward, thorough and informative.  I am now enjoying a variety of placements and feel very supported by the team at The Staff Room.  


Teacher (Nov 2021)

From my first meeting with The Staff Room, I’ve felt welcomed and supported.  The whole team are friendly and helpful, with personal care and support via email but mostly phone calls.  They listen to my requests and feedback as well as suggesting things to try but with absolutely no pressure to take on any placements I don’t want to do.  So, for example, after saying I didn’t want to work with the younger age group of Reception, I ended up doing a week and a half in a Reception class and loving it!  Even when they are under pressure, they are always polite, understanding and encouraging.


Teacher (Nov 2021)

The transition from full-time to full-flexible working has been painless thanks to the professionalism and support of the team at The Staff Room.  Now, I’ve got my life back and am free to decide when, where and how often I wish to work.  No more requests for leave or lengthy explanations required.  Thank you! 


Teacher (Nov 2021)

After taking the plunge to try supply teaching after many years of being an employed teacher, The Staff Room were very professional and quick to complete my interview and the necessary checks.  They have been excellent at finding me the right jobs and I am enjoying my new work life balance immensely!  Above all there is no pressure, they listen to your needs and always have a friendly phone manner.


Teacher (Nov 2021)

They are very genuine and really listen to what you want. The whole transition has been effortless and I would definitely recommend The Staffroom agency to fellow teachers thinking about doing supply. 


Teacher (April 2021)

Working with The Staff Room and client schools over this past year has been very successful. From initial contact with The Staff Room every member of staff I have spoken to has been professional, friendly and helpful. The registration process was swift and easy to complete. I felt that the processes and procedures were robust, and the training was helpful for someone returning to the teaching profession after a career break. The Staff Room have listened to my requirements and matched assignments that link to my skills, experience and preferences during the pandemic. I have enjoyed all of the assignments I have completed and would not hesitate to recommend The Staff Room to other teachers and support staff looking for short or long term assignments in the local area.



They have listened to my requests and made sure that I am totally happy with my work and altered things if not.

They also listen to school requests and try to engender a very positive relationship between the school and myself. 



All the staff are friendly, welcoming and above all professional. They listen to your needs and ensure that you are placed in schools suited to your experience, allowing you to teach with confidence, benefitting both you and the children.



I am extremely impressed with the service that The Staff Room offers us.

We have worked with them for a number of years now and all the supply staff we have had from them, both short and long term, have fitted right in. This is down to the hard work the Staff Room put in to find the right teacher for our school.

The Staff Room have everything covered, and are by far the most professional supply agency that I have dealt with.
They are a fantastic team, and I would highly recommend them.

School Business Manager

Denfield Park Primary School

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a massive, heart-felt Thank You for all you hard work and positivity this term. I am so pleased I joined The Staff Room, not only have you helped me believe in myself again, I have worked with some of the loveliest children and schools too. I smile every day now and thanks to you all, have had the opportunity to work in lots of different schools. Everywhere I visit there are lots of comments complimenting The Staff Room and this shows how much work you put into the relationships between school staff and your supply teachers. I know I came into the job hoping to make a difference, and I know your team certainly do and they help me to do this too.


Primary Supply Teacher

It gives me great pleasure to be able to write about my experience with The Staff Room. Last year I was given the opportunity to go back to the classroom doing what I love to do. I am grateful to the staff, especially Chris and Mini, who believed in me and gave me that chance. You are true and friendly professionals, who do their best to keep the older ones in work. May you continue the good work.


Teaching Assistant

I want to take this opportunity to thank you and all your team for your support, I have really enjoyed my time as a supply teacher, and you have all always been friendly and professional. The bookings have been well matched for my experience and I have appreciated your feedback. I have never felt pressured when I have not been able to take a booking.

It is because you care and value your supply staff that your reputation is highly thought of.


Primary Supply Teacher

I have very much enjoyed using The Staff Room as my teaching supply agency. Thank you all for the support, guidance and bookings. I am looking forward to my new job but if in the future I decide to do supply again, I will be in contact.


Primary School Teacher

To all the team at the Staff Room.  You have all been fantastic to work with.  Thank you for all your support and hard work since January.


Primary School Teacher

I just wanted to say a massive ‘Thank you’ for putting up with my specific requirements so patiently.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to any of my teacher friends.  All the best for your continuing success.


Primary School Teacher

A professional company for professional teachers


Primary School Teacher

Thank you for finding me work this term at some fantastic schools – I will miss working with The Staffroom.

I really value The Staff Room as I have always been informed about the school I am going to and you really know your schools.

I thought it was very professional when I received a diary, magazine and finally a Christmas Card in the post.

The Staff room care about their supply teachers and value them. I appreciated feedback from the schools about my teaching.

I would definitely consider working with The Staff Room again – unfortunately I cannot say the same to the other agencies.


Primary School Teacher

We find The Staff Room very professional and efficient whilst being very friendly and approachable. They have never let us down and all the teachers have been of a high standard.  We recommend them

Clipston Primary School

I joined The Staff Room in early 2010 and haven’t looked back. They offer me regular work, in my local area and a service which is supportive, honest, professional and friendly. I would not hesitate in recommending The Staff Room.


Primary School Teacher

I can thoroughly recommend The Staff Room. They are friendly, approachable and professional in all they do.


Primary School Teacher

I have been working with The Staff Room for approximately a year and a half and have found the team to be consistently: professional, organised, supportive and friendly. I have always been well matched to my experience and requirements and feedback regarding assignments has been prompt and frequent. Many thanks to you all.


Primary School Teacher

Since joining the Staff Room I have found the team to be friendly, organised and highly professional. They have provided me with the most appropriate and rewarding teaching experiences.


Primary School Teacher

Reliable’, ‘punctual’, ‘professional’, ‘approachable’ are words that I would use to describe the excellent staff and service received from the Staff Room. I am always guaranteed a first class service and would not hesitate to recommend The Staff Room to other schools.

Ecton Brook Primary School

We use the Staff Room because they are honest and open, and do their best to send us quality, suitable staff. I would not hesitate in recommending them

Ruskin Infants School

The Staff Room … a friendly, professional and efficient service providing quality supply teachers when needed. They have never let us down whether it be for planned supply or last minute, emergency cover.

Welford, Sibbertoft and Sulby Endowed Primary School