Continued Professional Development is offered to all our Teachers and Support staff to develop skills and ensure teaching knowledge is up-to-date.

Continued Professional Development available for all our Teachers and Support Staff

CPD Training Events

The Staff Room works with a number of local training providers to offer full day training events to provide practical solutions to manage social, emotional and behavioural issues presented by children.  All courses are based in the local area and can be booked with a member of the Staff Room team. 

Safeguarding in Education Training

We offer all our teachers Safeguarding in Education online training.  This has been written to meet the safeguarding needs of those working in the education sector. Essentially the equivalent of three courses in one, it covers child protection together with online safety and Prevent duty. The initial course is provided free of charge to all registered candidates (subsequent renewals every 2 years will be charged). 

Free Access to Rising Stars Training and Resources

As a member of The Staff Room, you can have unlimited *free of charge* access to a range of Rising Stars online CPD courses, downloads and resources.  These will provide you with an invaluable way of improving your knowledge and skills and keeping you up-to-date with the latest thinking.  Once registered, our admin team will guide you through the registration process. For more information    https://www.risingstars-uk.com

Oak National Academy

Oak provides a completely free sequenced plan of lessons which can be used to help with lesson planning. With nearly 40,000 lessons and resources across a broad range of subjects from EYFS up to Year 11 in most subjects, there are enough lessons for the whole year.  There are also 600 lessons for pupils who normally attend specialist settings.  Every lesson has been created by teachers, for teachers.  They’ve been tried and tested with pupils taking part in 138 million lessons since April 2020.  Head to their teacher hub https://teachers.thenational.academy/

Online CPD (The Learning Partnership)

The Staff Room is working together with The Learning Partnership, offering high-quality and targeted continued professional development.  The programme is open to supply staff at a cost of £50 per annum with the partnership offering 137 sessions over an academic year.  All programmes are accessible online and individual courses can be purchased.  For more information, follow this link: https://learningpartnership.uk/new-partner-and-affiliate-programme

Online CPD (CPD Online College)

The Staff Room is affiliated with CPD Online College, offering a wide range of courses written by industry experts that are fully CPD certified.  Specific safeguarding courses for people working with children include Children’s Mental Health, Managing Behaviour that Challenges, Autism Awareness and Paediatric First Aid Training.  Courses are individually priced (circa £20+VAT) and can be accessed via https://cpdonline.co.uk