Changes to the Induction process for NQT’s – Your questions answered

The Government has proposed a new 2-year package to support newly qualified teachers (NQTs) during the start to their career in September 2021 – except for early rollout areas who will adopt this from September 2020.

This will mean that from September 2021 an NQTs statutory induction period will be two years. NQTs will be assessed at the end of the two years to see if they have met the teachers’ standards.  NQT’s will be more commonly known as ECT’s (Early Career Teachers).

What does this mean for my NQT induction?

Whilst it does mean that it will be extended by an additional year, it also means that you will receive additional support and guidance during your induction period. The government has committed to providing ‘The professional development package’ for all schools. This means that;

  • You will receive funded 5% time off timetable in the second year of teaching, in addition to the existing 10% in the first year
  • You will have access to a range of high-quality, free training materials underpinned by the Early Career Framework
  • Schools will receive funded training for NQTs and mentors of NQTs
  • Schools will also receive funded time for mentors to support NQTs

To summarise – it means that the NQT induction period will last two years but the amount of support and quality of guidance will be greatly improved. The whole purpose is to ensure that all NQTs receive the best possible start to their teaching career.

What is the Early Career Framework?

The Early Career Framework (ECF) has been designed by experts in education to support NQTs and aid their professional development at the beginning of their careers. It outlines what NQTs are entitled to in regards to development and support. It covers areas such as;

  • Behaviour management
  • Pedagogy
  • Curriculum
  • Assessment
  • Professional behaviours

NQTs will still be assessed against the Teachers’ Standards and the five areas listed above are interwoven within the Teachers’ Standards.

It is important to note that the Early Career Framework is not to be used as an assessment framework for NQTs. The main function of the ECF is to help support and acknowledge areas in which NQTs should be given further support and guidance during their induction, and to help NQT mentors know where to focus their efforts.

Where can I find out more about the Teachers’ Standards?

The full guidance on Induction for Early Career Teachers in England is available – full guidance 

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